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Country Club Trust Company



What We Do / FAQs

Can Country Club Trust Company prepare my estate planning documents?

Although Country Club Trust Company is staffed with several lawyers, we are not able to draft estate planning documents for clients. We are, however, available to recommend several estate planning lawyers who practice in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

How do you calculate your fees for handling a trust?

Fees are calculated based upon the market value of assets for which the Trust Company is serving as Trustee. Fees typically will be about 1% annually with the percentage becoming less as the trust is larger.

Can I move a trust from another trustee to Country Club Trust Company?

Most trusts today have provisions that allow a trust to be transferred to another trustee.

Do I need to have a trust in order to use Country Club Trust Company investment services?

No. More than 50% of the new relationships clients establish with Country Club Trust Company are not trusts. Many are investment accounts or are IRA Rollovers.

How is Country Club Trust Company different than other trust companies or trust departments?

Country Club Trust Company is locally owned and is solely focused on metropolitan area of Kansas City. All of our staff are located in Kansas City, and all decisions are made in Kansas City. Additionally, we have no proprietary mutual funds. With a second generation of family ownership firmly in place, we have a commitment to be here in the future.

Will Country Club Trust Company work with my other advisors?

We work regularly with other professionals in the community, including lawyers, CPA and accountants, life insurance agents, development officers, and all types of professional advisors. We would be happy to work with your other advisors.

Do I need to come to your offices to meet you?

We are happy to meet you wherever is convenient for you. We have over 30 banking locations where we can meet you, and we also make house-calls.

How are you different than my financial advisor?

The Trust Company is a "fiduciary" first and foremost. We must always act in the best interests of our clients. This is the profession each member of our staff has chosen, so we are all here to serve our clients. We have no products to sell and our compensation (our fee) is fully disclosed to you at all times.

1 Ward Parkway • Kansas City, MO 64112 • 816-751-4200

Trust and Investment Services:
• Are not insured by the FDIC or any other federal government agency.
• Are not deposits of, nor guaranteed by, the Trust Company or any Trust Company Affiliate.
• May lose value.